Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Virginia Notaries do not write or produce divorce documents!!

Non-lawyer notaries are not allowed to produce or write divorce documents. However, notaries are authorized to do jurats affidavits regarding divorces and acknowledgments on property settlements. Both the law library at City of Alexandria Circuit Court and Fairfax sell a $10 kit for uncontested divorces. Notaries can also notarize documents involving proof of service by a process server. However, the notary can not be the process server and notarize the document. I strongly recommend anyone using these kits to have the final document reviewed by a licensed member of the VA Bar. Mediation of divorce issues is recommended; the mediator can not notarize the agreement. People who are being threatened with divorce are encourage to get involved with marriage encounters.http://www.wwme.org/new.html>Sometimes one partner will sent a torpedo into a marriage that destroys the marriage.Think of yourself as fighter pilot hit by a enemy rocket;press the ejection button for both pilots. Get on another airplane with another co-pilot!!! . Do not get angry, get a divorce!!!!!