Monday, September 6, 2010

When NO meant NO

A notary colleague was confronted with a client who only could communicate by squeezing the notary's hand. When asked if he did not want to sign, the notary's hand was squeezed very hard. Clearly no meant no. My notary colleague left and collected his travel fee. My colleague made the correct decision. The case illustrates the need for all our clients to get all necessary wills,medical directives, powers of attorney document, and/ or living trust while they are well. Waiting to a time when the person is not well can create major problems.

I declined to go to a hospital ICU when advised that the patient was not competent to be notarized. Due to a recent divorce, I got my will and medical directive properly notarized. I did not want my now ex wife to be directing my medical care if I was ill. Notaries ,who are not lawyers can not draft legal document or give legal advise. There are software and internet sites one can go to get legal document. However,I strongly recommend that a licensed VA lawyer reviews the document before you sign.