Sunday, April 20, 2008

No ID No Notarization ?

The exceptions to no government id with photo no notarization are 1. a known to notary credible witness who swears to the identity of the person and 2. Two credible witness with government photo ID who swear to the identity of the person. I think these exceptions should be used sparingly. One example where the rules could apply: the person's driver's license has been seized by the police and needs to get the car out of police custody by giving a person permission to remove the car. The notary also might want to see all available ID the person has. If a relative turns in their driver license, please make sure that the Division of Motor Vehicles issues a non driver ID. In the case of power of attorney, I would not use the exceptions. Notaries have absolute power to decline to notarize if they have any doubt of the identity of the person.

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