Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What is the location? SS does not mean social security

The address of the client can confuse the notary on the location of the notary act; Rose Hill, Lorton, Springfield VA are not acceptable locations. Fairfax County is the correct location for all the entities. Even the GPS can give a faulty indication. My GPS gives Alexandria as my location when I am in my driveway.I live in Fairfax County. Longitude and Latitude are not yet acceptable indications of location of the notary act. There is an Alexandria which is part of Fairfax County; Alexandria City is not part of Fairfax County. Before the days of GPS, I was not certain whether I was in Alexandria City or Arlington County. I had the McDonald's cashier to produce a receipt which told me where I was notarizing. SS does not social security which is Latin for scilicet which mean more particular. The means what is the location.

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