Friday, November 21, 2008

Checking the ID Of Your Ninety Year Old Client

Checking the id of your ninety year old client can be challenging, Yes the client has a government issued picture id. However, the picture is old and it is difficult sometimes to determine if that picture is really the client. You can have someone known to the notary with their own id swear under oath that the client is indeed Jane Smith. Additionally, visit my blog entry NO ID NO Notarization? However, you can also check what cards the client has with the name on it. Power of attorney document with very broad authority need to be approached cautiously. Furthermore, make sure the client understands the document and trust the person who is getting the power of attorney

Thursday, November 13, 2008

All Notaries Need to Contact the VA Legislature RE Electronic Notarization

All notaries need to contact the members VA legislature as soon as possible in regards to the stalemate on electronic notarization. The electronic notarization law got passed and was suppose to go into effect July 1,2008. However, the executive branch stated that standards had not been set for electronic notarization. The members of the VA legislature need to be encouraged to determine what standards need to be set. I am personally cautious about electronic notarization. The person still needs to appear before the notary!!!!However, a device is inserted into the computer in some states. If this device is lost or stolen, this could be huge possibility for fraud. In all probability, only notaries with huge corporate account where major filings occur will be using the electronic notarizing even when the legislature sets the standardss. The blog on the right side has a link to the VA legislature.