Friday, March 26, 2010

Procedure for getting a VA Driver License or Photo Indentification Card

Besides the traditional va driver's license with photo, VA offers a photo identification card. One need to provide the following 1}Proof of identity Primary and Secondary Document 2Legal Presence Proof 3) Proof of Virginia residency 4) Proof of Social Security Number. I f your name has been changed you need to show proof that the name has been changed. For more information go to or call1-866-368-5463

Friday, March 12, 2010

Photo Government ID Insufficent for Notarization

When the signer is totally unable to communicate with the notary in any manner, the photo Government is insufficient for notarization even if the individual can make an x. The notary needs to see either a power of attorney or guardianship appointment so that another person can sign for the individual. The notary needs to communicate with the individual in some manner in order to notarize the signature.

Notary Presentment

Some states may authorize the notary to be an independent witness to a person putting document in an envelope. Va notaries are barred from notarizing their own signature. Consequently, I have concluded Va notaries cannot do notary presentments. Va notaries can do jurats for affidavits but the person signing the affidavit has to be someone other than the notary or the notary's spouse.