Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Essential Elements of a $86 VA Divorce

1. Final Decree of Divorce This is signed by the Circuit Judge but drafted by the Plaintiff. The Plaintiff also signs the order.
2. Complaint For Divorce Signed by the Plaintiff-not notarized
3. Private Addendum to Decree of Divorce Pursuant to Code sec. 20-121.03 This contain the social security numbers of the litigants and is signed by the Plaintiff. This document restricts disclosure of the social security numbers.
4. Waiver of Notices The defendant appears before a notary (who does a jurat) and states the defendant does not contest the action, and waives all future notices of the case. The notary needs to make absolutely sure that the signed reasonable understands this document!!!!
5. Marital Separation and Property Settlement and Custody Visitation Agreement.If there are no children one would omit the custody and visitation. The signature of both parties is notarized.
6 Answer to Complaint for Divorce Signed by the Defendant and not notarized

ALL document are submitted to the clerk of the Circuit Court with a payment of $86 CASH. The Court will review the documents and set a date where the Plaintiff and a collaborative witness appears in Court.