Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I am now a notary instructor

I was hired to to teach some potential notary students the abc of the Va Notary Handbook and related items. New notary candidates and current notaries seeking re-appointment can down load the application, fill it out, and go to any notary to get a jurat and send the application and the check in with the application. You select what Court you want to pick up your appointment. In the application it made very clear what is good notary practice. You are required to do a jurat at the time of the application and you are again sworn in when you pick up your commission. All notaries to read the application very carefully!!!

A Brave new world Email appointments

I had a recent experience with the brave new world. A client emailed me for a notary appointment. He told where he wanted me to go via email and we confirmed my travel fee via email. I went to the location and notarized the client signature. You still need to see the person even when you do electronic notarization!!!!!!However, the ssignment was a tradition notary assignment.

Electronic Notarization Has Arrived in VA

Electronic notarization has arrived in VA. You need to be a Va notary and need to apply for a separate appointment and need to buy from suppler equipment. I have decided not to apply for the following reasons: 1)no demand and 2) an expense with no known return. The client still needs to appear before the notary. The notary is required to have an electronic record and back up. None of the notaries see a demand for this at this time. Virginia .gov has the Frequently Asked questions and application questions http://www.commonwealth.virginia.gov