Thursday, March 17, 2011

VA Governor has appointed me to another term as Notary Public

The Governor of the Commonwealth has appoint me to another term as Notary Public for the Commonwealth at Large. My term runs through 3/31/20015. I elected to be sworn in at the Alexandria Circuit Court.

With the letter announcing my appointment there was a document entitled IMPORTANT GUIDELINES FOR VIRGINIA NOTARIES:
Some of the main points are:
1)A notary is a public official appointed by the Governor. No employer or supervisor may impose requirements pertaining to a notary that are contrary to Virginia's laws or regulations pertaining to notaries
2} "A notary can not notarize his or her own signature , the signature of his or her spouse, or a document in which the notary or notary's spouse may benefit."
3)" Every effort should be made to have complete notarization on the same page as the signature(s)being notarized. If the notarization is on a separate page from the signature(s), the notarial statement must include the name of each person whose signature being notarized."
4)Any new notary laws will be posted on July 1 on the web site