Tuesday, January 3, 2012

VA Electronic Notaries Perform Notary Acts VIA Video

Today, Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz issued a statement of warning about a new Virginia state law regarding notary publics. Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell signed House File 2318, which allows Virginia notaries to perform notarial acts via video and audio technology without the signer of the electronic document being physically present before the notary public in Virginia.

Secretary Schultz said, "As Secretary of State with responsibility over the notary process in Iowa, it is my job to duly inform the public that this law puts them at risk. Under this new law, Iowans using the online notary subject themselves to Virginia law and any court challenge of the notary actions would require action in Virginia. With over 55,000 Iowa notaries, it's never been easier to use the notary process in Iowa and there is no need to take the risk associated with this Virginia law."

Monday, January 2, 2012

VA Notaries are not employees of the Commonwealth of VA

Va notaries are appointed by the Governor of VA for a four year term. Va notaries are not employees of the Commonwealth of VA and contrary to the suggestion of an Arlington County resident, do not receive a salary. Va notaries receive up to $5.00 per notary act and negotiate the travel with client. Some notaries have places that they will visit for a set amount.